Project PANKH was Founded by Ms. Alankrita Banerjee (THE RENAISSANCE EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL SOCIETY) in the Year 2013 to bring about a Holistic Transformation in the lives of underprivileged Children and Women in the backward regions of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and adjoining States in India. Since then…..

  • 500 Children are being covered under our Free Education Program in Uttarakhand
  • 250 Rural and Slum Women have received Free Vocational Training, Adult Education & Livelihood Opportunities
  • 1200 Patients have received Free Medical Treatment under its Rural & Slum Health Program.
  • 200 Families received Solar Electrification under its Rural Development Program.
  • 1000 Families/Individuals have received Free Clothing and Utilities over the last 5 years.


Our Associates:

  • BIKI.ev-Munich, Germany (www.kinderhilfe-bike-de)
  • Setu Foundation, Empower Her, India

Donate Books


With Rs. 3000/- ($49), we usually buy a jacket or a pair of shoes. But with the same amount you can sponsor a set of books for an under privileged Child for an entire year. At PANKH – The Creative School, the children study Hindi, English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Civics and General Knowledge.

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Donate Meals


Donate a meal for 100 Children. Food is the basic need of every child. But there are still so many children living in slum clusters who do not get one proper meal a day. Owing to large families, they have to subsist on a poor and insufficient diet which impedes their growth and well-being. Many children begin to suffer from deficiency ailments. With an amount of Rs.3000 ($49) you can feed a healthy meal to 100 children from Slum Areas at PANKH – The Creative School or PANKH Evening School, Chandrabhaga Slums. Every meal comprises of a lot of nutrition and taste which can fill the nutritional gap faced by these children, many of whom are half – fed or undernourished.

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Donate Cloths (Old/New)

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Donate for Cause


It takes the effort of an entire Community to ensure the bright future of a child. PANKH- The Creative School provides Free Education, Books, Stationery, Uniform, Shoes and Bags to 150 Children from slum areas. It also provides meals on a weekly basis. Your precious contribution can help the school to sustain and grow.

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