Project PANKH was Founded in the Year 2012 by the THE RENAISSANCE EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL SOCIETY to bring about a Holistic Transformation in the lives of underprivileged Children and Women in the backward regions of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and adjoining States in India. Since then…..

  • 400 Children have been covered under its Free Education Program in Uttarakhand.
  • 250 Rural Women have received Free Vocational Training & Livelihood opportunities under its Artisans Program.
  • 1400 Patients have received Free Medical Treatment under its Rural & Slum Health Program.
  • 250 Families received Solar Electrification under its Rural Development Program.

Currently, PANKH is actively carrying out Projects pertaining to the Education of Slum and Underprivileged Children as well as Livelihood Skills of needy women Artisans in the Hilly state of Uttarakhand.


Donate Books


With Rs. 3000/- ($49), we usually buy a jacket or a pair of shoes. But with the same amount you can sponsor a set of books for an under privileged Child for an entire year. At PANKH – The Creative School, the children study Hindi, English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Civics and General Knowledge.

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Donate Meals


Donate a meal for 100 Children. Food is the basic need of every child. But there are still so many children living in slum clusters who do not get one proper meal a day. Owing to large families, they have to subsist on a poor and insufficient diet which impedes their growth and well-being. Many children begin to suffer from deficiency ailments. With an amount of Rs.3000 ($49) you can feed a healthy meal to 100 children from Slum Areas at PANKH – The Creative School or PANKH Evening School, Chandrabhaga Slums. Every meal comprises of a lot of nutrition and taste which can fill the nutritional gap faced by these children, many of whom are half – fed or undernourished.

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Donate Cloths (Old/New)

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Donate for Cause


It takes the effort of an entire Community to ensure the bright future of a child. PANKH- The Creative School provides Free Education, Books, Stationery, Uniform, Shoes and Bags to 150 Children from slum areas. It also provides meals on a weekly basis. Your precious contribution can help the school to sustain and grow.

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