Dipanshu who studies in Foundation Class at PANKH – The Creative School. His father is a Rag – Picker and occasionally sells junk to fork out a living. He lives in a house with a leaking tin roof along with four brothers and sisters. Dipanshu’s parents can barely write their names but their dream is to provide good Education to their kid. Dipanshu feels happy when he receives Books and Uniform at PANKH. Dipanshu has now found a Mentor Jaya Devjani of Mumbai who has shown her care and concern for this deserving Child!!! It makes me feel emotional as I have known Jaya since she was a little girl and is the Sister of my Best and Childhood friend Monisha whom I lost a couple of years ago.

God Bless You Jaya and thank you once again for your love and support to PANKH!!!

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Last Modified: April 29, 2016