Livelihood Program

For Women to lead a healthy and dignified life, it is very important to make them economically independent. This is all the more significant in the backward region of Uttarakhand where alcoholism and unemployment is rampant and where there is scant opportunity for employment.

PANKH AARTISANS in association with EMPOWER HER is running a full fledged Cottage Unit in the midst of Chandreshwar Nagar Slums at Rishikesh (Uttarakhand,India) in which the women are making handicrafts and utility products out of recycled paper. Currently as on April 2016 20 women are actively working in this centre and their numbers are gradually increasing. Besides this, we are also running workshops for women for the production of Jute Products and allied. These products are being sold online, through retail outlets and also through orders. This helps the women not only to earn their livelihood but also to upgrade their vocational skills.

This Women’s Project runs in three stages. Training, Pre-Production and Production. We also train these women in entrepreneurship skills and self-growth.

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