For Shivangi and her brothers and Sisters Anjali and Abhishek it is impossible to dream of a good Education. This Family of 5 Children have a Household income of about 2000 rupees a month. Their father Shivkumar, a part time Labourer finds it extremely difficult to support the family. These kids have enrolled at PANKH – The Creative School and have started showing remarkable improvement. Abhishek is very keen to learn and has a good General Knowledge. and so it Shivangi. She lights up the class with her warm and genuine smile. Now they have found a beautiful Couple Shri Anand Utsav and his wife Sarla Agarwal to mentor them and support their Educational needs.

We are extremely thankful to Mrs. & Mr. Agarwal for their kind support.

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Last Modified: April 29, 2016